Quote IconThe group told Forbes, which first reported the story, that it envisions the album as a piece of art, similar to “the scepter of an Egyptian king.”
a single wu-tang album could sell for millions? sure, why the hell not
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Things I wrote last week for you

How the internet works, and why it’s impossible to know what makes your Netflix slowThere’s a fight going on over the physical infrastructure that makes up the internet, and it’s going to affect your online life. You need to understand that fight to understand net neutrality, Netflix and the potential merger between Time Warner and Comcast. With lovely diagrams by David Yanofsky. 

The world’s youngest billionaire appears to be a human tax dodge. You heard about the 24 year-old in Hong Kong worth $1.3 billion? Well, it’s not because of her business acumen. 

At least one Russian oligarch thinks US sanctions have teeth. I’ve spent a lot of time this week looking into the businesses of Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, and they are as wild as you’d suspect. Ask me about it over a beer sometime. The guy in this story, Gennady Timchenko, and his former firm, Gunvor, could be linked to Putin—who could have parked his money right here in the US without anyone knowing

What should I write about next week?

This video is the best. 

Confirming inflation would mean that the universe we see, extending 14 billion light-years in space with its hundreds of billions of galaxies, is only an infinitesimal patch in a larger cosmos whose extent, architecture and fate are unknowable. Moreover, beyond our own universe there might be an endless number of other universes bubbling into frothy eternity, like a pot of pasta water boiling over.

Sometimes, science sounds totally made up